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Working Within the System

"If you beat them at their own game, you've lost..."


Make your own game, says me.

Consider alternatives, possibilities. Expand definitions.

Spring imminent.

On my mind

thinking about things and stuff:

Making microfiction and micromovies (poemtexting, cell phone video, web video) low-tech cheap and easily distributed artwork (zines, teabag stories, chalk poems on rocks, mailart, flyers, handbills, xerox art), how to positively corrupt people and stimulate free and independent thinking and action. New language.

Benign anarchy.

Less is more.

Perfect clothes: bib overalls, black tshirts, and heavyweight zip-up hoodies. Who needs anything else (except good footwear)

Collaboration, co-operation, exchange, and interdependence, instead of competition and isolated independence.

Communication models. More than enough methods and tools exist, how to use them better.

Lookng for Spring and some consistent sun and warmth.

Nap time.

Starting Saturday

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similar to every other day of the week. Apparently, I am's what I do...
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Apologies to subscribers

1. I don't know how many of you there are, but thank you for watching.

2. I had some template problems and video changes (transparent but requiring republishing about 100 times) so if i filled your feed list and there's broken links or missing files, I apologize. I think I'm done now. I'm definitely going to sleep.

3. New medias= thousands of new ways to screw stuff up. I plan to investigate them all.

back to our regularly scheduled program, with fewer interruptions...

MB & Charlie

A rockin' friday night at the world headquarters of Just Making Stuff. We're watching the internets, plotting our next move...

Snapshot by iSight.

On Blip

A public service announcement:

I am a nobody. I work a day job, I make stuff. I'll never make any money from my stuff, and anyone that helps me make my stuff is pretty much doing non-profit charity work. Because mostly, what I make ain't art, it's just me figuring stuff (myself, things, the universe) out the best I can.

Just wanted to establish those facts. Because I gather you all together today to sing the praises of Especially Eric and the support folks. They are awesome. I had this quirky little question, and they gave me the time and attention to chase it down just like I was somebody. Absolutely amazing. Customer service the way it should be everywhere. Polite, patient, extremely competent and considerate. And yes of course the problem was on my end (an obscure setting I was using) but they didn't miss a beat or roll their metaphorical internet eyes.

So to blip, thank you. Seriously. It's encouraging.

And to anyone that wants to try video on the web: go blip. There is no other.

And to the rest of the world that is supposed to be providing customer service: follow the example. the internets the way it should be.

They simply ROCK.

Now, back to our irregularly scheduled programming...

On a thursday

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testing some blip stuff, remembering a perfect thursday...
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Gettin' busy

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not your normal proposal...

In praise of Animal Intelligence

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don't worry about nuthin'...

Having fits with video tonight

Sorry about the slow loads. Seems the click to play is pulling down the source file instead of the fast and groovy flash file. Don't know if it's on the blogger end or not, but I have questions out there and hope to have it resolved soon.

This indicates to me I need to be posting more video to stay current.


of sorts. This is about as professional as it gets (for me).

It's all part of a larger work. Or maybe a smaller work. Have to think about that.

A friend of mine said "credibility is in the doing...". Thank you for that.

I guess I should get busy...

All inquiries welcomed.

Sending up a sign...

of life, and/or activity.

Which of course is what has interrupted postings, life I mean, it happens (thank goodness, much better than the alternative). So not much time to make anything since last Saturday night. But, projects are in the works, past concept stage and on the beginning end of the evolutionary line.

And I submitted a teaching proposal to do a workshop at the school. Imagine my surprise when it received some degree of consideration. And now I have to submit an artist's resume.

I suspect raised eyebrows are in my immediate future. I'm not one that usually places the words artist and resume adjacent to each other. Sort of opposite to my belief system regarding making stuff. But one must adhere to the rules of the game one chooses to be engaged in.

(However, they can be adhered to with a bit of a twist and a dose of fun. After all, I didn't send in a standard proposal, and that didn't seem to completely derail the possibility.)

So, I'm off to make resume stuff of sorts. Feel free to stay tuned for further broadcasts and developments.

The event

Impromptu #1

(music sampled from Mexican Institute of Sound. Since I don't speak Spanish, I have no idea if it's a happy or sad tune, but it sure gets my feet tapping...)


In the news today- Weather!

Weird middle of the night storm made the scene. Most of today without commercial power; implemented my off the grid procedure to keep the refrig and freezer cold and get water pumped up from the spring. Then the wind shifted, the sun came out, limbs quit falling, ice melted and power returned.

All systems have returned to what passes for normal here at Just Making Stuff World Headquarters. And tonight, I begin playing with new video software. Stay tuned for this piece, redux.

The wheels, sometimes erratically, continue to turn...

fast changing weather in the southern kingdom

Unexpected-the ice storm cometh