A tiny gallery note

It should be noted that the tiny gallery is a collaboration with the most awesome Ms. Margaret Couch Cogswell who was involved with the making of the thing from it's conception, but was on the road during the night of the rollout. We wanted to get it in the hands of Phil Sanders asap for it's inauguration so did it sans MC. But rest assured Margaret and I have big plans for the little thing. Stay tuned...

tiny gallery at Black Ops Soapbox

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grand opening
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You should come to this...

Something interesting might happen...

(Penland School, next Thursday night...)

What is the Sound of Art Happening?

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sound sculpture from found and altered parts
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We Did a Little Show

We opened a show last night with a video/sound collage/spoken word piece. It was pretty good, has some potential with a bit of work. I'll post the video and audio soon.

These were the folks we opened for, give them a listen:

Nice people, good music. A good night and I thank them for letting me play along.

DIY art: make your own shows...

Support Indie everything that is honest and true.

Rock on.

Back and Forth

"life is like a game of tennis, you have no choice of how the ball comes to you; it's how you hit it back that counts"

Art and Things...

"Art is made of things: paints, paper, video projectors, steel, and so on. The things used in making art ground it in a material reality, without which art would simply be an unrealized wish. Even works that claim to be dematerialized need material support to realize themselves. Performance, for instance, may not see itself as composed of things. But the focus of the work needs a material frame to condense all the elements into an event. The space, the performers, and the props (if any) all work to make performance appear as experience. Art uses things to make its presence felt. But art is not itself a thing."

Stumbling onto a lot of interesting reading for some reason. I think the universe is sending me messages.

Transmission received.

MB, out

Wisdom of the Elders

"We don’t need to go back to a society that is concentrated on economic growth, that dehumanizes us, that makes us consumers only and is threatening all life on this planet. We need to be thinking about something new."

"...people are beginning to say the only way to survive is by taking care of one another, by recreating our relationships to one another, that we have created a society, over the last period, in particular, where each of us is pursuing self-interest. We have devolved as human beings."

-philosopher and activist Grace Lee Boggs

(stumbled on to this amazing lady via Democracy Now...enter Grace Lee Boggs in the Search DN field and be prepared for some amazing insights. Really inspiring.)

And all this time I thought the way I made stuff was...

some sort of unique and personal dysfunction, or at least a subconscious rebellion against linear processes...

Then this, which makes me hopeful and optimistic on this sunny morning:

I'd suggest reading the whole "Dear Artist" series...good stuff.