A good day

Lots of good things happened today. Started with this:

I gripe a lot about my day job but when it's good it's great and this was right after breakfast: shibori drying on the volleyball net. I didn't have my good camera so grabbed this still and then the cameraphone sucky video, but it was really beautiful, trust me.

And the rest of the day pretty much got better and better. Awesome.

Stuff I've been making: granola

Oh, yeah.

I just made what has to be the worlds best granola. Organic rolled oats, cranberries, almonds, butter, brown, sugar, a little salt...


chili powder!

Put that on your yogurt and bananas in the morning...

And then i did something with it...Cacophony Circus #1

the premier of the Cacophony Circus 8.21.08
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

Oh, yeah, I been making stuff...

The day the Circus was born...

Still sorting thru cognitive dissonances of returning to this part and way of the world. That and my day job have pretty much eaten up all the time and energy. Thus the explanation of my minimalist posting.

But today, forward motion. Total investment: $0- everything found/salvaged. An hour in the lovely bright sun, and we have the physical beginnings of the rest of my creative life.

Feels good.

Homemade Music

A sample  from the farm, around the bonfire, last sunday night.  Live music and singing, spontaneous and constant. Cause for mad dancing.  I miss it.  Hard to duplicate by yourself on the top of the mountain but worth trying...