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Fluttered down like a leaf...

I think this is brilliant.

Color in the breeze...

More of this to come soon...

Ok, this is the most astonishing multi-media website ever...

And the music ain't bad either.

Nor is the story if you take time to read it.

Made the blog entry I was thinking about doing pale by comparison...

(ed. note: I just wiki'd the guy, apparently he's talented, clever and somewhat hot/trendy out in the world but hey, I live up in the woods so I'm just stumbling across him. whatever, it's still a nice thing to see...)

Color, Outside My Window

JMS world headquarters, 5:20pm

The aforementioned guitar clip and other simple pleasures...

(a clip from Willie Nelson's Honeysuckle Rose...)

Other highly under-rated simple pleasures for the first winter-like afternoon (in no particular order)

-a good mindless novel
-mid-afternoon nap
-late afternoon coffee
-a walk in the cold grey waning light
-hot shower pre-dinner
-post-shower irish whisky (neat, pre-dinner)
-chili that has been slow cooking all day for supper with a hunk of most excellent sourdough bread
-local apples for dessert
-more mindless reading
-sleeping under old heavy quilts just out of the chest that smell all cedar-y
-woodstove fires keeping everything cozy



morning, at work

evening, at home

night, at supper

coming soon: one of the best acoustic guitar solos ever...

Conversion Van

Adam and Justin hacked Thor's old Econoline to make the Core Student Limo for the Friday night show...

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I did the soundtrack (2mins 50secs to get the whole audio experience...)

It all rocked a little bit...

Transmissions temporarily interrupted...

due to the plague, which amplifies symptoms of COMS (cranky old man syndrome) and has the bonus effect of making me more illiterate than normal...

but you really should check this out.

Found Art

If I could make and patina something like this, I think I'd be pretty pleased...

(found and photographed scrap metal, unaltered, gallery ready as is...)


Shooze: these boots are made for workin'

Scanner/printer: the better to show you stuff, like this:

Morgan's new zine! You could get one too, just write her and ask and be nice and send a little $ 'cause it's cheap art, not FREE art. But trust me, it's darn GOOD art! And less expensive and more satisfying than a trendy coffee from a multinational corporate coffee place...You could get back issues from her too so you'd have the continuing story, and she would really like it if you got #2 from this distro: (remember distros from the earlier post???)

Stranger Danger Distro (I linked right to the page so it's all easy peasy for you, I'm helpful like that...her's is the next to last zine on this page)

Of course I have much more to say and show but it's late and I have to work tomorrow at the day job, so I'll save it all for the next edition.

Support your local (and blog network) DIY alternative artists and makers, it will make you and them very happy!