Shooze: these boots are made for workin'

Scanner/printer: the better to show you stuff, like this:

Morgan's new zine! You could get one too, just write her and ask and be nice and send a little $ 'cause it's cheap art, not FREE art. But trust me, it's darn GOOD art! And less expensive and more satisfying than a trendy coffee from a multinational corporate coffee place...You could get back issues from her too so you'd have the continuing story, and she would really like it if you got #2 from this distro: (remember distros from the earlier post???)

Stranger Danger Distro (I linked right to the page so it's all easy peasy for you, I'm helpful like that...her's is the next to last zine on this page)

Of course I have much more to say and show but it's late and I have to work tomorrow at the day job, so I'll save it all for the next edition.

Support your local (and blog network) DIY alternative artists and makers, it will make you and them very happy!

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