Re-living the magic...


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Fall morning walk

Fall morning walk
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Thursday was a big day

Of course you all know about Bread and Puppet, if the images and video I took are any good I'll put them up sometime soon.

But the other thing I had going on was my first ever video installation in a gallery show. This was a BIG deal for me (thanks Tom, for your generosity by including me and your confidence that my stuff would be good enough.)

This movie was done from concept to finished and installed in less than one week. I definitely see some things I'd change/do different, but I'm pretty pleased with it. Tom says it was well received. There is a finished ceramic piece adjacent to the video, I haven't been down to see the installation yet (it's a long drive away) but hope to have images soon.

If anybody is inclined to comment, all are welcomed and appreciated.


I saw an alternate universe.

I like how it looks.

Cheap Art, live and in color.

Making something from nothing.

How to change the world with string, wire, sticks, paper machae, wild dancing, costumes from burlap, and homemade music, and song...

among other things.

Bread and Puppet rocks!

They're here!

They're here!
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impromptu #5

Gabcast! impromptu #5

It is going to happen!

47 years old.

This is my crowning workplace achievement.



If you read me even occaisonally, you'll know i worship at the alter of Cheap Art.

These folks are the founders and publishers of Cheap Art, many years ago.

I have always wanted to make a pilgrimage to Glover, to pay may respects, lend a hand, participate, but it is a world away.


through a divine series of random occurences, the traveling troupe very well may appear on my metaphorical doorstep by tomorrow night!

I am talking/emailing with Noah the road manager, and we have all but finalized them doing a show at my workplace tomorrow evening.

Guerilla, impromptu, completely unauthorized and unplanned. I am doing all I can to bring them up our hill, and it just might happen. If it does, it will be the most gratifying accomplishment in the 5 years I've had this particular day job.

(and I just might run away and join the circus!)

Because (and this is testable material people) we MUST offer

THAT's what I'm sayin'...

(images clipped from the Bread and Puppet website)

Still shot

(from the just finished project, fedx'd to the gallery today...)

Alive and well

Forsaking sleep and making stuff. I have been a making stuff machine. Not so much stuff as just one thing, but oh it's near the end and I am pleased. A rare occurrence here at the Center for Impromptu Artisting.

And tired. Wee hours every evening after a regular PITA workday. Ah, but life is good.

More soon.

Project in progress

Big project (for me). Giving me the chance to exercise new operating ideas: don't so much try to MAKE something happen as set up conditions to LET something happen and see it fresh, new unfiltered.

Cause you know, control is an illusion, and something is always happening, whether we're aware of it or not...


At the edge

The tao of reality

Explicit. You were warned...

Because I'm worth it...

Life and living

Old Shakey Cam (still relevant)

Fly or fall

impromptu #4

Gabcast! impromptu #4


Simple math:

Meeting notes:

CRP summary doc

Quietly making stuff

Perspective changing again, daily.

Recent writin' and paintin':

In a nutshell

In a nutshell
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Wouldn't it be a lot more fun?

DIY Circuses...

Animal love

Free love
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Other people's stuff

It's hard to make stuff much better than this...

The Faux Press: Textures

Short. Simple. Clear. Accessible. Beautiful.

I am simultaneously encouraged and discouraged...

eat you board

eat you board
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