Well, hullo there strangers...

i suppose this would be the time where i give my litany of excuses for this rather spectacular lapse in posting. suffice it to say that after tiny gallery the summer spiraled down and out, the usual post-summer physical, mental and emotional wreckage occurred and was subsequently cleaned up and here we are.

we choose to look forward instead of dwelling on the past...

i made a couple of little road trips in the past month and have gotten in to town to see a couple of things and re-charge my batteries.   i currently have a couple of projects just recently gone live which i'm pretty excited about: the first is the Other Possibilities blog which is a response to all the bad news we see and hear every day, the second is a placeholder website (coming soon-when i have some focused time- a swanky, colorful and vastly more animated replacement!) that will give you info about the Circus.

at the moment i'm writing the next Circus, the working title (which i think will be the real title) is:

Paradise Gardening: Food for Thought in 4 Acts

finally, i want to point you to my friend michael's blog and his latest project, which to me is art at it's best:  simple, sweet, collaborative, engaging and accessible.  i couldn't make it to the event but was there a few weeks before visiting him and kim, and we sat in said parking lot and watched the swifts as he described his vision for the event and that alone was a magical evening. the swirling birds in the dusk were beautiful and poignant and hopeful.  his conception of presenting the evening as a gift was generous and kind, and i'm glad people came out. shared positive experiences, what could be better than that?

ok then, it's a beautiful indian summer day and i'm going outside to soak it in and work on the woodpile.