In lieu of the angst-ridden post I had in mind...

this fell into my lap.

I came across it via Eyeteeth, who got it from here. (this site is something else, i haven't ever seen it before, it appeals to my eclectic nature...)

Anyway, the little video provides some answers to the question from the always thoughtful Aardman Creatures.

(and some comic relief. "life's too mysterious, don't take it serious...")

(and a final note, this lame-o attempt at a post is an indicator of current conditions at just making stuff, which for the most part is cognitive disarray...)

Substantive broadcasts to resume shortly, with any luck...

Soul of the Machine

Reworking an old tiller engine. Low tech. Makes for great photos. Click image for the large view to see details.


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Unloaded my still camera this evening. Better pictures of the knoll. Like you can actually see what I was trying to show you.

So I took these, then it got cold and snowed for two days, and today it looked much like this again.

Mountain spring.


approaching the knoll...

why we call it the Llama Knoll...


Flickr didn't strip the Verizon blah blah blah off the original post, so i went to edit it, got distracted by shiny objects, deleted it AND lost the comment from the FauxPress.

It's Friday, what can I say?

Reposted, cleaned up from the Verizon garbage, and I can say this: it's llamas, behind one of a series of April Poles on the Llama Knoll at the dayjob. (April Poles as opposed to May Poles, get it?)

Art that requires explanation always loses something in the translation. I guess you just had to be there...

Llamas & art

Llamas & art
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Artists build bikes

Artists build bikes
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Fish Waltz

Revisiting as near to a perfect day as I've had in a long time. Sound seemed to fit the relaxed movement of the fish in the water.

Artists before lunch

An impromptu Pinky and Bobby show

Pinky Bass, Pinhole Photographer Extraordinaireon on the stand-up bass/cello and vocals.

Bobby Hansson, Tin Can Artist, on sewer pipe, and tin horn and vocals.

Rock on. Art the way it should be.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

Fair Warning

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

Happy Holiday

In my personal cosmology, jesters and fools are held in high regard.

Humor in need of repair, locally and globally.

Celebrate fools, clowns, jesters and humorists.