It Begins

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The Cacophony Circus, under construction
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Lifelong dream, being realized courtesy of the World Greatest Posse of Co-Conspirators. I have friends that are super talented and humor me beyond any reason. We're building the Cacophony Circus Ultra-Light Theater of Other Possibilities. It is happening and it's gonna be something, a spectacle of DIY art and fun that I can't begin to describe.
Socially and economically accessible, inclusive and socially relevant. A labor of love from us to the world.
I think this is the BEST kind of art/making.
Exploring other possibilities, it's what makes getting out of bed worthwhile...


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Ferny's Big Adventure (collaboration with Beth Schaible)

From the Outback

the editor is currently involved in what appears like random displays of seemingly pointless activities. however, i am confident that they will all magically coalesce to a point where the grand scheme self organizes from chaos to comprehension.

or not. but he sure is making a lot of stuff...