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Recently challenged by clouded vision, which lifted at the most unexpected moment. Cooking supper, slicing beets. After ignoring raised eyebrows and 35 images later, returned to cooking. Beets as tool and source material. Envisioning a whole series of Beet Works.

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A day in the life

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artister at work

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BBQ Sammy!

BBQ Sammy!
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Taking time off from the dayjob to regroup.

Hauling trash, getting propane, searching for salvage timbers to reuse, working on the gravel road after the recent rains...


Intend to make a video of the day. Not that any of it is exciting. But it's my life, and we work with what we have.

Already walked down the hill and back. Right now, blog, coffee, bagel. Then out the door.

Ordinary and small potatoes.

Bre Pettis Speaks the Truth

I love this guys stuff, all of it. He's a maker's maker.

Words to live by.

Yeah buddy.

Lost in the Labyrinth

Soon to emerge from a particularly interesting stretch at the day job, somewhat comparable to traversing Dante's 9 Circles of Hell.

The emergence into Purgatory is a relief by comparison.

More frequent communiques to resume in the near future...

small potatoes

because enough is plenty.

Ready for alternative distribution

I love making cheap art...

Maintaining communications

I started this off (before the edit) by saying not much happening here at Just Making Stuff world headquarters, which isn't exactly true. To the contrary, maybe too much stuff happening. Thus the lack of communiques.

Day job work has ramped up, sucking most of my energy up like a vacuum. Home in the evening and sitting down pretty much immediately leads to system shutdown. I've been working on 3 or 4 different things in the wee morning hours before work, mostly writing. I have several different zines in the works, and I'll be leading a 6 week seminar/discussion group that starts next Monday night, so I've been putting together notes and maps for that. Also, I'm trying to graduate to Final Cut Express from iMovie, so I'm dinkin' around with that as energy permits.

For all the stuff that begs to be made, there are not enough hours in the day. Plus, I'm finding myself ever less inclined to rush through the days and try to cram a lot in at the expense of feeling so fragmented and frustrated. But not to worry, I'm realigning priorities and making some adjustments and concessions that will allow a freeing up of time. I've reached the point where it's more important to me to determine my value and to use my time and energy first for me and secondly in the pursuit of making a living. I might be singing another tune in six months, cause you know you can have time or money but rarely both (at least in the case of the normal ground level worker). So the trick is to figure out what is enough to get by and stop there. Beyond the minimum required for shelter, food and maintenance, there is more value in contentment, health, sanity and sense of purpose than any wage job (unless that's what gives you contentment and sense of purpose) can provide. And a lot more real security.

Beware of having too much trust in any institution. Recognize the value in your self.

I digress, as I am prone to do. It's almost eight, the morning comes early, and it will be a busy week. And I think I might try to put a zine together before bed. It'll give a me a sense of accomplishment.

Plus, there's rabble to rouse and sacred cows to tip...