Remember this? (the interactive Sound of Creation sculpture I built for the SAS show)

(original installation week of Jan 4)

The last time I took some photos of it, it had become this:

(week of Jan 20)

Let me just say I consider this an unqualified success and can't wait to build another one! And I want to thank and credit everyone who passed thru St. Andrew's-Sewanee School and collaborated on the piece- it couldn't have happened without your efforts!


Catch all the news over at the Shoestring Road Trip blog...

Preparing for Departure...

I am quite sure this is not what Mr. Ford had in mind back in the day when he built these boats, but too bad for him they are circus-worthy vessels when effectively re-purposed...

The Good Ship Agnes is out of mothballs and ready for another voyage (the last being a trip to the Big Apple in the winter of '06 I think it was...) By sundown tomorrow she'll be porting in the Cumberland Plateau, delivering the crew to an action packed week at St. Andrews-Sewanee School. Keep it tuned right here for reports from the field.

A most honorable endeavor...

This is quite beautiful, the kind of work I aspire to.

Takes my breath away.

Worthwhile reading here.

I make stuff: Breakfast Burrito

apprx. 1030am EST...

In other odd news, I just took a walk in the brilliant yet cold sunlight and saw about a dozen bluebirds sitting on the rail in the sun. An unusual occurrence at the end of the coldest week here in 10 years, but one I'll take as a sign..

Quote du jour...

"Maybe not struggling is really the ticket to a certain kind of beauty." - Jo Jackson


I just watched this. You should too. Neflix has it on streaming, it's so rich, inspiring and motivating that I'll spring for the dvd some day soon i'm sure.

Trailer below, website here.

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

Just making stuff. oh YEAH!

Threads in my universe unexpectedly starting to intersect and come together...it's a little startling and a lot amazing. Serendipity, synchronicity, epiphany...rare feelings that have descended on me from various directions one right after the other of late. Color me lucky for the moment...


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Day two of the SAS show install

Day 1, Project 1

Going mobile.