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Found artist

why i like the innerwebs...

C. Ryder Cooley

a stumbled-upon gem. i don't know if i could reconstruct the path of links that got me here, but no matter, what a find!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

Not that anyone would wonder, notice or care but this lately vacant space (almost the whole summer!) might prompt a question like an suddenly empty downtown storefront, or a house unoccupied and being encroached on by the local flora...

I go back and forth thinking that nothing of note has happened in forever, but then look at all my pictures and realize that a lot of note (at least to me at the moment it was happening) has taken place, there's just been no time to sort, digest, reflect and report.

Busy-ness is a sickness, I tell you.

(and here is the moment where I could create a long, detailed and involved, factual and minutely documented dissertation on how most of the activities that consume my time from May-Sept are so completely in opposition to how I think and work when left to my own devices and rhythms that I am in a mostly constant state of cognitive dissonance. but that seems rather self-involved and mostly pointless as well as totally boring. which reminds me of a statement someone wrote about writing/blogging years ago that still sticks with me: "the two questions that when answered correctly can determine an engaging piece of writing are "so what?" and "who cares?")

Clearly, I celebrate the tangential, the parenthetical, and the glories of the run-on sentence...

All this to say, the paradigm should shift to what passes for more normal and more comfortable, more SENSIBLE, in the next 10 days or so. Maybe then I'll do something like a highlight reel from this summer, and remember that oh yeah some interesting and fun things did happen after all.

For now, I give you this...

(I took this 2 weeks ago and am just now posting it??? So much for immediacy...)

I love sunflowers, and before the spousal unit tumbled into her particular abyss of said busy-ness in May, she planted some for me, which are now all blooming in assorted sizes and shades (lemon yellows, rust reds, shades of oranges and other yellows). This pleases me greatly, as well as the goldfinches and other songbirds. And they serve as a reminder that when it comes down to it, the abstract trivialities of the workaday world don't matter all that much.

A good realization since I look at the clock and see it's time for me to go engage with the machine once again...

Back soon with some fun and interesting stuff I hope...

it's like a Tim Hawkinson sculpture...

Video Installation: Marksims

The title of this piece is "People Say I Should Write a Book (but I'm too lazy)"

Looping video, about 6mins 20 secs, first shown at the house show Friday night.

(just because I don't follow my own advice doesn't mean it's not good...)

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Justin's house show 7.31.09
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A JMS Public Service Announcement

Actually, this is more like a public service product review.  Always trying to be helpful I am (he says, Yoda-like..)

And please note this is a totally unsolicited review, that I suspect the reviewee might not ever see, not being frequently inclined to browse the innerwebs seeking public acclaim.

Enough preamble...

I've been wanting to do this for a while.  This being the recommending of the most excellent 'zine ever.  I submit for your contemplation:

I love a good 'zine. These sadly are difficult to find. And they're something you have to see, touch and directly experience in order to get the proper sense of the thing. I found my first copy of this publication by accident on one of my infrequent trips to town, and it was good, no, it was EXCEPTIONAL, cover to cover. I immediately go to the oracle (Google) and seek more info, a website, a blog on this wonderful writer...but, mostly nada. Wha? So I took the next step, and wrote the address on the back, sent a little donation, and asked to be placed on the mailing list for another. To my excitement, i received the newest issue a couple of weeks ago. Again, EXCEPTIONAL from cover to cover. Of course, now I am a subscriber. And you should be too! You won't be disappointed, assuming you like authenticity, honesty, colorful eloquence, sharp humor, yummy recipes, super good line art and lovely and engaging design qualities. Plus! the bindings are individually machine sewn at the publishers own kitchen table, with quirky little individual inserts, which means the whole thing is handcrafted homegrown goodness! If I made a zine, I would want it to be this good. I've even given a couple away as gifts. And trust me, at $3/issue, no money is being made, these are a labor of love, which I find even more appealing.

So, get yourself one. Better yet, get yourself a subscription! Support Good Cheap Art and micro-publishing. Who needs a paper generated by the big multinational conglomerate, or yet another advertising vehicle created by the mainstream media? This is GOOD STUFF originating from REAL LIFE.

For your convenience, I'm posting the subscribe page. You could print it out and use it for the label on your envelope!

You can thank me later, after you've received your own little piece of textual bliss...

House Show at Justin's 7.31.09

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