Video Installation: Marksims

The title of this piece is "People Say I Should Write a Book (but I'm too lazy)"

Looping video, about 6mins 20 secs, first shown at the house show Friday night.

(just because I don't follow my own advice doesn't mean it's not good...)

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watch if you wanna
Justin's house show 7.31.09
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


Anonymous said...

Loved It.

I just stumbled onto this space of yours after seeing you flapping your arms at the craft school website.

Ah, the hidden genius.

I am not very technologically adept and don't get by these parts that often, but I just wanted to give you a big Mazel Tov.

Wishing you all the best.

Jan McLaughlin said...

Holy carp: a manifesto I can really get behind. Bravo.

Robert Croma said...

MB's manifesto is the beautiful firefly of my Saturday evening. Your light fills me up. As ever, thank you. Oh, and hello...