If you read me even occaisonally, you'll know i worship at the alter of Cheap Art.

These folks are the founders and publishers of Cheap Art, many years ago.

I have always wanted to make a pilgrimage to Glover, to pay may respects, lend a hand, participate, but it is a world away.


through a divine series of random occurences, the traveling troupe very well may appear on my metaphorical doorstep by tomorrow night!

I am talking/emailing with Noah the road manager, and we have all but finalized them doing a show at my workplace tomorrow evening.

Guerilla, impromptu, completely unauthorized and unplanned. I am doing all I can to bring them up our hill, and it just might happen. If it does, it will be the most gratifying accomplishment in the 5 years I've had this particular day job.

(and I just might run away and join the circus!)

Because (and this is testable material people) we MUST offer

THAT's what I'm sayin'...

(images clipped from the Bread and Puppet website)

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