Sending up a sign...

of life, and/or activity.

Which of course is what has interrupted postings, life I mean, it happens (thank goodness, much better than the alternative). So not much time to make anything since last Saturday night. But, projects are in the works, past concept stage and on the beginning end of the evolutionary line.

And I submitted a teaching proposal to do a workshop at the school. Imagine my surprise when it received some degree of consideration. And now I have to submit an artist's resume.

I suspect raised eyebrows are in my immediate future. I'm not one that usually places the words artist and resume adjacent to each other. Sort of opposite to my belief system regarding making stuff. But one must adhere to the rules of the game one chooses to be engaged in.

(However, they can be adhered to with a bit of a twist and a dose of fun. After all, I didn't send in a standard proposal, and that didn't seem to completely derail the possibility.)

So, I'm off to make resume stuff of sorts. Feel free to stay tuned for further broadcasts and developments.


shara said...

one must be aware of the rules of the game. to understand them, and the reasons behind them, so well that one uses the least amount of effort-

but you already know where this is going.

wu-wei resume.

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