On my mind

thinking about things and stuff:

Making microfiction and micromovies (poemtexting, cell phone video, web video) low-tech cheap and easily distributed artwork (zines, teabag stories, chalk poems on rocks, mailart, flyers, handbills, xerox art), how to positively corrupt people and stimulate free and independent thinking and action. New language.

Benign anarchy.

Less is more.

Perfect clothes: bib overalls, black tshirts, and heavyweight zip-up hoodies. Who needs anything else (except good footwear)

Collaboration, co-operation, exchange, and interdependence, instead of competition and isolated independence.

Communication models. More than enough methods and tools exist, how to use them better.

Lookng for Spring and some consistent sun and warmth.

Nap time.

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Marc Snyder said...

My brother in arms, this poetic post of yours sounds like my life's to-do list. . .

Are we still on for a game of video hot-potato?