On Blip

A public service announcement:

I am a nobody. I work a day job, I make stuff. I'll never make any money from my stuff, and anyone that helps me make my stuff is pretty much doing non-profit charity work. Because mostly, what I make ain't art, it's just me figuring stuff (myself, things, the universe) out the best I can.

Just wanted to establish those facts. Because I gather you all together today to sing the praises of Blip.tv. Especially Eric and the support folks. They are awesome. I had this quirky little question, and they gave me the time and attention to chase it down just like I was somebody. Absolutely amazing. Customer service the way it should be everywhere. Polite, patient, extremely competent and considerate. And yes of course the problem was on my end (an obscure setting I was using) but they didn't miss a beat or roll their metaphorical internet eyes.

So to blip, thank you. Seriously. It's encouraging.

And to anyone that wants to try video on the web: go blip. There is no other.

And to the rest of the world that is supposed to be providing customer service: follow the example.

blip.tv: the internets the way it should be.

They simply ROCK.

Now, back to our irregularly scheduled programming...

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Robert Croma said...

Yes. Viva blip!