Interlude: Lunch

I felt like cooking lunch for some reason. What to make? Lots of stuff from the garden, let's see... prodigious quantities of carrots.

Solution: DIY ginger/carrot/curry soup. Greenies (mint and parsley for accent).

Tres` yum. Oddly enough, pretty much everything in the photo was handmade by moi...yup, all except the cutting board.

(editors' note 7/14: -from the comments-

Kate Boyd said..."And the bowl, which was made by your better half."

HA! Evidence that I am both insufficiently observant AND forgetful, a glorious combination of flaws... and it should be noted, she grew the carrots that were the basis of the lunch and the post and the's a family affair here at JMS World Headquarters...)

Make your own...


and away we go....


MORGAN! said...

I wish that was my lunch. My lunch is coffee.

Kate Boyd said...

And the bowl, which was made by your better half.