Call me sappy, but this should be required viewing for EVERYONE, daily!

I use Google Reader (you should too but that's another post). In the sidebar thingy there's always Recommendations. Not for me usually, i find more than enough on my own and the interwebs is a sinkhole of time anyways. But for some reason I clicked on the link to Dancing Mermaid, and this to my delight was what was found:

Untitled from mccabe russell on Vimeo.

Makes ME think I could change the world (or at least little parts of it), and I'm not even the target audience (at least I don't think I am...)

Just goes to show you, people are doing big magic all over. I find that inspiring.

(here's an article with some backstory...)

Scoff if you want, make fun of me if you will, but I tell you, this is the feel-good story of the summer and the best hope for the future we have. Much MUCH better than all the institutions and organizations that teach conformity, socially approved and consumer-viable/buyable object based making. Igniting the human spirit? Now that's worth doing!

Thank you Dancing Mermaid!

Now, while you watch the vid (which is well done by the way) I'm going to the Collaboratory to start building a sound sculpture for my next show...

1 comment:

mccabe said...

you are too kind.
thank you!
this is the best compliment ever!

and yes, you are the target
audience if it spoke to you.

with magic,
mccabe x
dancing mermaid