It's not so much the stuff I've been making...

but the stuff I've been doing that's kept me away from posting. I mean, plenty of activity, but nothing much that translates quite well to photos, plus i haven't been doing off the cuff video stuff much because lately I'm working with groups on stuff and we're a bit scattered. But soon! Jan at Fauxpress has turned me on to Mogulus- I might do some live streaming of bits and pieces of projects in progress after the holidays are done. Right now people are flitting about doing all that so it's hard to establish focus.

(This year I'm more interested in showing than telling what I'm working on...words, though I love them, sometimes get in the way. Long time readers- both of you -will note the diminished quantity of disjointed rambling posts, which does not suggest the reduced noise in my particular head...)

So, things I've been working on:

The Shoestring Artists Collective

Re-visiting the space below and working out details for a midwinter show

Coming up with Plan B for if that space doesn't work out

Did a gonzo fast and furious video with another Shoestringer and premiered it at a party Thursday night, it brought down the house. (haven't posted it yet, maybe won't, but it was pretty darn good, done fast and sketchy and under duress in less than 2 days from idea to showing...which is why i can't make any $ as an artist: this 5 1/2 minute video had about...40 manhours of work in it and is completely unmarketable)

Getting an incubator group going by teaching once a week de-mystifying tech. Showing people as best I can to rule the tools.

Starting my own personal winter project, a mixed media thing with the working title "10 Statements". Writing will lead to video which will then be part of an installation and larger performance piece that will be called the Shopping Cart Circus. Or maybe nothing will happen, but for now I see it all clearly in my mind...

So that's the stuff I've been making, along with food and fires and other bits and pieces here and there. Stay tuned, there's always the possibility that something interesting or amusing might happen. That's what gets me out of bed in the morning.


Robert said...

As well as The Shoestring Artists Collective being a supreme name, it fires its arrow of inspiration across the sea to me. Ah, the joy of it all. Will be following closely. As always. And hello, by the way.

*ps your Shoestring Artists Collective link in the text is broken.

Jan McLaughlin said...

Post the darned video and have done with it, yo.


All due respect...