Field Notes

I've had my eye on this building for a couple of years, thinking it'd be a good place to do a show/event in. It's a big old southern textile mill, long abandoned. Some folks bought it 2 years ago, fixed the roof, slowly renovating, most of the first floor is done, New South commercial space style. No room in this part of the world for much of anything that won't generate some income.

This is some of the second floor. Went with a co-conspirator to scope it out again, slowly formulating my idea to do something in it. Unheard of in these parts. Chatted with the owner, they're willing to talk some more. The red is from the sunlight shining through windows that are painted red.

In my dreams I live in a space like a cozy apartment in the corner, and have 100,000 sq ft to work, play and show in. Incubator.

Maybe, is on board, next week we see who else we can get. I figure 10 people that will do a project, add in some musician friends, maybe some food, and something could happen.



Robert said...

Fingers crossed. Looks like a great space. And wonderful images.

shara said...

beautiful. possible. keep dreaming (and conspiring) and who knows what shows 2009 may bring? the amazing bluegrass puppet circus, soon at an old textile mill near you. or something entirely unexpected. it looks like a good place to start something. and the bowling stuff is gorgeous.