What I'm making today

Chocolate chili biscotti, good winter wake up with coffee snack. Anyone want the recipe? (such as it is, i can give vague instructions, not much of a recipe cooker myself...)

Supper. Something hot and spicy, probably over rice for balance. With a beef component.

Fire in the woodstove (already)

Maybe working on my mashup movie, rethinking the composition.

Painted word poems? Possibly. But that might require more ambition than I think I have.

Does one make a nap, or just take one? No matter...definitely a nap in the works.

Today is winter solstice (specifically around 1am this morning, but i was asleep) so technically, the days should start getting longer. Though there is no recent evidence of sun (or rain/snow for that matter) just a dense cold grey gloom. But I remain cautiously optimistic.

Maybe we'll light some candles.

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