It's been so long since I've posted, I've mostly forgotten how.

I think I'm in an all-around dormant period. Or that I am part or mostly Ursine, and thus in need of hibernation.

The witch doctor says I have the blahs, she said the Chinese name for it, but along with all other symptoms I seem to have developed a dullness of wit and a greater than normal degree of stupidity and nothing sticks.

I am not at all in any kind of a bad mood, just skirting the edge of catatonic. For a week now. I'm wondering if it will pass or this is the norm until April?

For now I'm pretty content to muddle through the day, try to get home before dark, sit in the chair under 2 layers of cats, have a bit of brandy, whiskey or cognac, read some poems or a dense book, have dinner and wait till an acceptable hour before i go to bed. Making anything seems like too much effort.

I do believe I'm saving up for something.

While the rest of the world speeds up into the noisy joyous cacophony of the holidays, I am going ever slower.

Once again, out of step. Ahead or behind the times, the question remains to be answered...

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