I like David Byrne...

That's right, the former leader of the Talking Heads.

He's a superior artist, thinker and writer, routinely bridging various media.

"I sense that in the long run there is a greater value for humanity in empowering folks to make and create than there is in teaching them the canon, the great works and the masterpieces. In my opinion, it’s more important that someone learn to make music, to draw, photograph, write or create in any form than it is for them to understand and appreciate Picasso, Warhol or Bill Shakespeare — to say nothing of opry. In the long term it doesn’t matter if students become writers, artists or musicians — though a few might. It's more important that they are able to understand the process of creation, experimentation and discovery — which can then be applied to anything they do, as those processes, deep down, are all similar. It’s an investment in fluorescence."

So much more eloquent than me...I just say "THAT you make stuff is more important than WHAT you make..." I really should try to articulate my opinions better...

Read Mr. Byrne's post in its entirety here.


Michelle C. Moode said...

I like David Byrne too. And Talking Heads. And Shakespeare.

My dad has often said, "If Shakespeare had read more he would have written less," which is totally relevant.


Marc Snyder said...

good good good good stuff.

Christi Teasley said...

I too am a fan of Mr. David Byrne.
thinker - maker - 1978 (Tina, major player)

thinker - maker - 2004
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