PSA #247: On Affordable Art

I firmly believe art and craft should be socially and economically accessible. That would actually benefit makers and viewers/users. So I've been delving into the arena of alternative and DIY art and handcrafted stuff lately, both as a maker and consumer.

There's lot of talented people out there making a lot of intellectually stimulating, fun, provocative, thoughtful, beautiful and whimsical stuff. Good for them. Good for US. Contemplating jumping into the I have the chops? We'll see.

In bit I'm gonna give you guys some links to look at and some contact info. Consider this a teaser. And also a placeholder as I'm temporarily disabled from scanning stuff that would make this posting much more interesting and colorful. Add to that the fact that I have to dash off to the day job, after walking the wonderdog on this first really fall morning. Yes, fall is most definitely here in the hills, and early too. Very cool and breezy this morning, and the leaves coming off the trees before the color really set in. An early winter, maybe. The thought of which has prompted a flurry of wood gathering/splitting/stacking.

Stay tuned. The follow-up to this post will be worth waiting for.

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Robert Croma said...

Am tuned and ready!