Best. Mug. Ever.

One of the great joys in life is morning coffee. Even better when it's from a supremely sweet mug (and I'm no pottery snob, most any vehicle to carry the liquid will do, but really, one of these mugs elevates the experience)

Mine is quite similar to the one on the left (i'd take a picture of it, but don't have my cable handy and I'm too lazy to go find it).

Given to me as a generous thank you gift by Courtney of Courtney Martin Pottery. She probably has more, you could ask her. I bet it works well for tea, too...

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Robert Croma said...

Of course, I love them all! And can smell the coffee from here.

These are very beautiful. And like you say, the pleasure from drinking a luscious brew from something so gorgeously handcrafted, sends the experience skywards. Thanks for the link to Courtney's tremendous art.