The Sideshow

Jen Swearington gave us a "Sideshow" yesterday. Happy Spring! (finally, do you know it SNOWED at JMS World Headquarters Tues??? and we're in the south for the love of god and all things pagan...)

Part 2 makes the scene next Wed. Of course, there is the possibility I may post again before that...we "sound the space" again on Monday.

Busy days=happy days.

Today was spent at home plotting and planning and fencing and planting...the revolution garden is started.

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Jen Swearington installation
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Robert Croma said...

Brilliant installation from Jen. The magical innards through the porthole. Exquisite. And big thanks to you, too, for showing us on video "that which is hidden".

I hope your snow has stopped! Read today the UK's due a heatwave this summer. Not sure how they can be so sure, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt.