"What exactly is it you DO?"...

A fair enough question. Seems like I get asked this frequently lately.

Once I establish the context of the question (as in do you mean how do I earn the small living I am capable of, or what do I DO in the larger context...) I try to give as clear an answer as possible. The wage earning is much easier, the big DO is much more nebulous. So i decided to illustrate (based on current conditions, interest, prevailing winds, weathers and tides...)

This is artisting-specific, not incorporating wage work and life maintenance, but you can probably see the logical progression of any add on.

Trust me, the analog real-life version of this is much more convoluted...


Robert said...

Ha! Questions, questions...And so beautifully answered.

I'm afraid it had to be reblogged.

Marc Snyder said...

I've honestly thought that my personal answer to that question was that I make an ass of myself in public.

But in a good way, hopefully.

It has something to do with my ideas about art.

It's part of the job description.

So that when someone asks me why I spent so much time on something so relatively insignificant, I can just be comforted by the thought that I'm supposed to be making an ass of myself.

Jan McLaughlin said...

All clear now. Thanks :)