After a week of cryptic posts...

Punctuated by Slate's lunch (there's a potato in there somewhere!) I can illuminate...

A couple of puppeteers from B&P came down and we did a workshop choreographing and rehearsing a show that we performed at the school on Tuesday night. Good performance, lots of fun, big crowd. Then we went to Asheville and performed the show the next night. Another great crowd, with a wildly enthusiastic response. Great experience and I love working with those guys (thanks Maura and Jason!)

At the same time I was finishing building and rehearsing a group of about a dozen people for a little show that we performed last night. I called it the "Resurrection Mass of Gratitude". I think it went ok. Very unusual for stuff like that to happen at our place- costumes, masks, props, action, dialogue, sonics- the whole deal. I'll find out if someone did video or if i can get some stills. We got mostly a good response, though some folks didn't quite know what to think of it. I think the next time I need to study/work on the visual imagery a little more, this whole thing is new to me and true to just making stuff form I'm flailing about figuring it out as I go. Thanks to all my peeps that joined in, it was a LOT of work for a short result but it was great fun and I'm really grateful to have had the experience with you.

So now, I'm pretty pooped. Give me a day or two to catch my breath, and then I'll start on the next project which will take place at the end of Oct.

Apparently the current stuff I'm making is large scale collaborative spectacles with no clear point or purpose than to do them. I'm just riding the waves as they come. There's something there, I'm sure of it.

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