Aug 29 was almost two weeks ago...

but it feels like 2 years ago!

Not any pictures and obviously not any writing. Getting on just now because my good friend Jan over at the most excellent Fauxpress put up a little link love the other day and told people I blog here. Which I normally do, but lately all energy has been poured into yes ladies and gentlemen, not one, not two but THREE, count them 3!!! huge (for me) collaborative projects that I've somehow started and cobbled together. 2 are rather large performance based things involving lots of people and logistics. Ther third is a startup of sorts for what hope will be a long term thing, a periodic gathering of makers to start discussing and building our own support systems (social, economic, resources, shows, and whatever else we dream up).

This stuff in addition to my ongoing obsession with the Cacophony Circus, and a lot of writing and some preliminary construction of stuff for what i hope becomes a traveling puppet theater. All of which is crammed in around day job and daily life maintenance.

Many balls in the air. Fun times, if a little taxing. But I have to say, much better to be doing than talking and thinking about doing. So we'll see how this all plays out.

Maybe I'll blog it...


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Jan McLaughlin said...

Thanks for the link love back.

To help with the Google juice, link rather to a specific post than the whole site URL. 'Conversation' is more heavily weighted than straight blog links.