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shara said...

given enough sun I might be able to aspire to moving as quickly as your mascot. as it is, with all the rain and grey here, I'm more slug-like. but there was sun yesterday for almost an hour or so, when all the bits and pieces were added up. and I hear there may be some sun in the next couple days. should that happen I intend to find a big flat rock and bask in the warmth like a snake or a lizard.

Robet Croma said...

When I was a boy pet shops in the UK were full of small tortoises. They were very cheap to buy. Eventually there was a clampdown on the trade. You don't see tortoises in pet shops anymore.

I remember my aunt had one. Come winter she'd put the tortoise in a hay filled cardboard box and put it in the cupboard to hibernate. I remember one spring being present at the grand opening of the box only to discover the tortoise was dead! I was horrified.

Tortoises can live to 150 years old. The Tongan royal family kept one called Tui Malila which lived for 188 yeats! I think I might move in with the Tongan's.