Welcome to the SAM

Real life is analog.

Dirt, rocks, shovels, rakes, tractors, plants, bills, work, cooking, cleaning, eating, vet visits, driving and if lucky, sleeping enough to keep the organism more or less healthy.

Most time spent working at the day job, working outside, spring fixing and building, or the quick run down east to see the parental units. So not much making of esoteric stuff happening. but ideas galore.

Books and movies and completely pointless sculptures, coming sooner or later to a blog near you.

But for now, I have to leave for work, and if I'm lucky I'll get home this evening, it won't be raining and it won't be dark, and I'll sit on the deck and watch the hummingbirds and have a gin and tonic in the late spring fading light. And contemplate the Tao of Holga and the offshoot projects it spawns...

Welcome to the Slow Artisting Movement.


Robert Croma said...

I've joined your movement!

The last but one paragraph is a dream. Especially watching the hummingbirds! Oh the bliss.

I'm looking forward to whatever you give the world.

Michael Kline said...

I'm shifting ask I.....ty..p....e.