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Good morning, dashing out to work in a bit, but wanted to respond to 2 comments. Here at just making stuff, we endeavor to inform, entertain, educate, opinionate, and pontificate whenever there's a scarce chance someone might be listening...

On the wind machine, no, i didn't make it, I wish I did!. It's an idea I've toyed with for a long while, but never have gotten around to working on, but will soon, now that I've seen this and been re-ignited. This one is much more finely crafted than my personal aesthetic would support, it's totally furniture quality (cherry and walnut, fitted joints, hand riveted, real ball bearings). The drawings this thing makes are exquisite. I have some more video and stills that I'll put up soon.

This was built by one of the students in the recent wood class.

Also, I have the willow tree drawing link saved in old bookmarks somewhere, thanks to Shara that's what first planted the seed in my mind. Obviously, I have a slow germination process. I'll dig the link up and post it too.

That's the news from the field at the moment. I'm off to the day job. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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