Let me just say...

Doing a bit of testing, thanks for your patience.

RSS is magic, just like most of the rest of the stuff that makes the internet wheels turn. It is a miracle that most of it works pretty well most of the time. I am confounded about how to get cell posts converted and autoposted and be viewable in news readers. So for those if you that have to come to the site, know that i feel your pain. I'm close to deciding to give up the immediacy of autoposting cell video and focus on the more widely and easily distributed manual posting.

Content matters, and ease of accessibility is important. The time I've spent trying to get this little feature to work might be better invested in content production.

I have one more little test to run, I'll use one of the previous little pieces, once I get my plan figured out I'll come and clean up this bit of a mess.

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