Thanks to encouragement and tech assistance from the FauxPress, I'm working to expand accessibility to this, the blogular component of the Circus of Impromptu Artisting.

here is the itunes feed address: http://justmakingstuff.blip.tv/rss/itunes

(i should put up a little button at some point...)

and you'll note the Feedburner button on the sidebar.

My cell phone does video in some Verizon voodoo format, so it seems the auto crossposting (live reports from the field in real time) might not be viewable in newsreaders. Added to that I have to strip the Verizon advertising text manually, so it's not very elegant at all. Rest assured I'm looking into it but I don't know if there's a fix.

All this access makes me want to put up content with greater frequency.

I'd be interested in if/how the RSS feeds are working for you.

Thank you for your support. small art matters.

(oh yeah, thanks to Lucy the Wonderdog for providing tonights test material...)


Robert Croma said...

Feedburner working fine for me. It's looking good. : )

The Faux Press said...

Blip feed works in FireANT (my old standby) and the iTunes feed works in iTunes. "Suppertime" and "RSs read this..." came through just fine :)

I'd been using your feed from Blip.tv in FireANT but the feedburner feed shows an error 'downloading and parsing feed'. Harrumph.

The loquacious Verizon text come through on the Blip feed. Wow. What in the world is Verizon thinking?

Does your phone have browser capability? If so, try http://shozu.com for uploading. At least they let you add your own signature to uploads.

Enjoyed the sunset and supper vids. So peaceful and warm. Chilly here.