Recurring Image

Stuck on a visual image lately...almost certainly a metaphor.

Picture this: an old piece of wood, maybe from a house or barn or something. Exterior, a little weathered, but painted. MANY layers of paints, coats and coats, 40-50 years worth, one on top of the other. Historical layers.

What I'm compelled to do is start scratching off, sanding down, wire brushing, and peeling thru the layers, all the way to the bare wood, to see what is underneath there. Down to the essence of the thing, expose it to sunlight, rain, moonlight, weather.

It would be interesting to find out what exists when all the layers of protection are gone.

In other news, a vibrant dream about an installation last night. Woke up, it was clear as a bell, and I saw how to do it all immediately to the most minute detail. Of course I didn't write it or sketch it down, now i can't hardly remember a thing about it. But it's good to know it's in there, I suppose it will come out for real when it's supposed to.

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